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ZWOLYA GAMES Holiday Roundup

It's been a busy first year for ZWOLYA GAMES, from our first release back in June to our latest mobile update just yesterday! Even if these blog posts have become few and far between, know that I've been keeping busy, and that next year has even more exciting things to come!

Here's a brief recap on everything in the works right now:

Alien Cow Farm is participating in the Steam winter sale! If you were waiting for an excuse to buy, this is it!

Undersea Odyssey just released a Christmas update! This one comes with four new, free submarines! The mobile game is up to five unique levels so far, and more updates are planned for another half a year at least!

Game jam games like Zeta Outpost Defense and The Golden Muffin are always nice little distractions from larger projects, and I always have a lot of fun pushing myself to see what's possible in the short time frame. These games will always be free to play in the browser!

And coming next year, Monster Mansion Escape, which I've been busy commissioning a great group of artists for.

As always, you can read about everything I've been up to here on my blog, and go ahead and bookmark the main ZWOLYA GAMES site as well for direct links to all of my published works. Here's to a great 2020!

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