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Android Apps


I took a class in web and Android app development my sophomore year.  While not exactly gaming, the more graphical projects were fun to work on and rewarding when complete.  When I took the class, I was able to side-load all of the finished .apk files onto my phone and successfully run them there, but I believe the APIs may have changed in the meantime, because they no longer work as intended.  What I've given here instead are the proof-of-concept videos we were required to make for each assignment, where I talk through the code and show it running. 

Train Tracker:

Allows a user to specify two unique SEPTA train stations and retrieve a list of trains travelling between them.  Long-pressing on a train will provide additional information about it.  A map view displays the current locations of the found trains.

Weather App:

Uses GPS to query Weather Underground for local weather data.  Caching avoids a network call if the last query was made within the hour, but implementing this required several overloaded methods.


Take a picture with your phone and upload it to your personal Google Drive with one click!  This was the course's final project; in our group of four, I worked on validating the authentication needed for upload, including proof-of-concept as a desktop app before integrating into the mobile app.  Many problems late in development, including discovering that we were using the wrong set of .jar files the whole time, led to a greatly-reduced functionality scope for our final deliverable.


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