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Use tools to fix the pipes as they burst!  Some tools take longer to use, but pipes will stay fixed for longer!  Don't let all the water drain!

Use the mouse to select your tool, then rapid-click on holes to fix them.

Dev Notes:

This was the first game I created for my Experimental Games class, a solo project (hence the lovely programmer art).  I used this project to learn how to do UI in Unity; in order to support multiple resolutions and aspect ratios, Unity provides several different ways to position and scale your menus, buttons, and other interactable elements.  The different options can be confusing to navigate, but it was worth the time I spent to make my game look good on any display, windowed or full screen.

The most interesting part of this project was learning how to change the cursor icon when a new tool is selected.  This was accomplished by using the method Cursor.SetCursor(cursorTexture, hotspot, CursorMode.ForceSoftware), where cursorTexture was the sprite image I wanted to change to, hotSpot is an offset (I set it to the center of the sprite), and the CursorMode is used to control scaling on different platforms.

If I were to revisit this game, I would spend more time on numbers-tweaking.  Each tool takes a different number of clicks to completely fix a broken pipe, and each tool will keep a pipe fixed for a different length of time.  But all of these numbers were chosen randomly and only adjusted based on what I thought "felt good".  Instead, they should have been worked out mathematically from the beginning.


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