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Announcing Alien Cow Farm

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

In my (albeit very limited) experience, it's hard to break into the games industry. Like, really, really hard. Any open positions are looking for 5+ years of experience and multiple "shipped" games. You may be able to argue that your entire college career should count towards the former, but the latter presents more of a challenge. The ultimate goal is to put something on Steam or the App Store, but both come with a crazy amount of legal requirements, any number of which disqualify all the games I made previously for school. If you want to get something out there "for real", you need to go all-in on that plan from the very beginning of development.

So here we go. Alien Cow Farm is a PC game for 1-4 players, where you control a UFO and abduct as many cows as possible to return them to your space farm. Play different modes like timed or elimination to set high scores, then challenge your friends to a multiplayer battle royale! After all, what fun is having a trap that lures nearby cows if you're not using it to steal from your opponents?

Check back soon for status updates including art and code samples, lessons learned, and gameplay gifs and videos!

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