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Beta Coming 3/4/19!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

With the completion of my second map, I feel ready to make my next (and last for real this time) public game release. My Trello board has a total of four things left to look at before I make it official: one is a bug with my new helicopters (which absolutely must be fixed before launch), one is my persistent camera clipping bug (which will be investigated time-permitting and fixed if any of my first ideas work), and the other two are...advertising. One thing Drexel really hammered home in their curriculum was how to make a sell presentation and best represent your game to the outside world, and I think now's the right time for a first iteration of one of those and a gameplay trailer.

You see, I've used a lot of my old contacts from college and before to test my game so far, as well as some randos on Newgrounds. But there are other, more dedicated websites to advertise on, as well as reaching out to the internet at large through reddit. I haven't taken that next step thus far because I really wanted to be sure of my game before doing so; the internet is a cruel place, and if I played my hand too soon, Alien Cow Farm could have been shot down before it had enough content to be judged fairly. The biggest thing I was waiting for was the completion of the AI system, because (as playtesters have all pointed out) there isn't much of a single-player at all without COM opponents. Well, the AI is done and tested, so here we go!

So here's a list of what will be rolling out this Monday:

  • Choose from 11 different color-schemes for your player UFO!

  • 2 fully-populated planet maps! *1 new*

  • 5 unique game modes! *2 new*

  • Customize your experience with game length and map size options!

  • COM AI opponents! *new*

  • Step-by-step tutorial!

  • Adjustable difficulty setting! *new*

  • Updated UI! *new*

  • Full controller support!

Head to the main game page on Monday to play!

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