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New Game Announcement!

Undersea Odyssey is far from done, but the update release schedule I currently have planned allows for some downtime to start working on other things. My next game is another one that's been percolating for a while; it started as a boardgame that I created for a college class, but I thought that a slight retooling could turn it into a pretty fun digital offering. By automating the setup, repeated round operations, and player inventory management, opening it up to single-player, and pairing the gameplay with some professional artwork, I'm hoping that my simple idea will become another addictive success.

So, what is that idea? You play as a team of adventurers locked inside a haunted mansion. With only a short time limit to collect a set of keys and escape, it's up to you to decide whether to split up to cover more ground quickly or stay together to be better protected. Oh, that's right: the mansion is inhabited by a group of monstrous denizens who would like nothing better than to turn the players into monsters themselves! You can fend them off by carrying the right weapon, but with limited inventory space, you'll really need to strategize for the best chance at success!

This isn't a strictly horror game, but there are some elements that would feel right at home in the genre, such as the ticking clock, the random, unavoidable monster attacks, not being able to see the whole mansion map at once, and not being able to enter a dark room without having a flashlight item in your possession. The general theme I'm going for is Steampunk, or Victorian-era monster hunters.

Monster Mansion Escape is the game that will finally demand more artistic skill than I can provide, so I've been spending some time searching for artists to help me out. I plan on doing another comprehensive post on that subject, but for now, here is the first completed piece I commissioned. It's drawn by Szymon Furjan ( and will be used as the background of the title screen.

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