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Undersea Odyssey December Update is Live!

…And it's pretty awesome! We've got two new levels, four new subs, and a bonus 1000 treasure just for doing the download! That's all you really need to know, so head over and get the update now:

Still here? Okay, let's talk about the other two new features. The first addresses a small issue I've been struggling with since starting the game, and in turn tightening the core gameplay loop. Until now, there was really no incentive for using your Continues to keep playing the same round rather than just starting over...unless you were a hardcore leaderboard score-chaser. Levels didn't get harder (aside from a small speed increase) or provide more treasure the further you played, so starting over would provide the exact same experience as continuing. But now, I've added a new Treasure Multiplier that increases with distance traveled. The longer you stay alive in one round, the greater treasure return you're going to see...and I didn't even have to change any of my spawning algorithms to accomplish that.

The second new feature is something you're not really going to see until the next update. I found a way (buried deep, deep within the Unity Analytics features) to put a "version number" up on a server-of-sorts. What this means is that I could implement a system that checks for new versions of the app on startup, then directs players to the Google Play Store to get the new download. Some of the really high-end apps do this automatically by using the Google API itself, but that would have been near-impossible for me using the Unity wrapper plugin I am. This is a smart alternative. Unfortunately, like I said, the code to check for the new version number is in this update, so the next version number it'll check against will be the next one. You can let me know at the end of the month whether it works or not.

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