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Undersea Odyssey June Preview II

I mentioned last time how this last update will be a special one. Not only does it come out on the 1-year anniversary of Alien Cow Farm, but the last level is space-themed. And that's not all! In fact, the whole update is a celebration of ZWOLYA GAMES, because all of the other new submarines tie in to our other games!

First up is the Zeta sub, which you may recognize from the Zeta Outpost Defense game jam game. Just like that one, the sub sticks with a two-color scheme, effectively using negative space to show the details.

The other new sub should remind you of our other game jam game, The Golden Muffin! All of the different muffin variations from that game are represented on the ship's hull.

Both of these subs will be available on June 1! I've also got one more surprise in store for then, but you'll just have to wait until then!

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