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Undersea Odyssey May Update Is Live!

This update brings the usual two levels and four subs...first up is the Polluted Waterway that I already showed a sneak-preview of! The main distinguishing features of this level are the murky water, pipe geysers, and spiky purple sea urchins! Sail through in either the Radioactive Sub or the USS Purple Sea Urchin!

The other new level is a nod to the archetype of super villains building their headquarters underwater! In the Villain Base, be prepared to face a whole new set of obstacles: blinking lasers, spike traps, shooting canons, and even robo-sharks! It'll take everything you've got to make it through this one, but luckily you have two new submarines to give you the edge. Use the Stealth Sub to slip by unnoticed, or the might of The Leviathan to smash through anything in your way!

You'll get an update notification the next time you open Undersea Odyssey, so what are you waiting for?

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