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A New Beginning

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Alien Cow Farm has been out for over a week now and I'm still riding the excitement high. I've sold a few copies and it's on over 60 people's wishlists...if even a quarter of them pull the trigger, I'll have made back all of my development expenses. Right now I'm looking into more ways to promote, such as by doing a live stream or reaching out to even more old school and work contacts than I have already. But I've already met my main goal with the game, so it's time to start looking ahead.

I decided that the next thing I would tackle would be a game that I've already tried to finish twice now, before other things got in the way. It draws major inspiration from Flappy Bird (and I'm hoping it will also drum up a similar level of immense popularity and financial success), but my idea is unique because it leverages the phone's tilt controls rather than just tapping to move. Oh, that's right, this is a mobile game. Mobile is quite a different animal than pc or console in every way; from the mindset of the players to game capabilities and especially how to make money. I plan on sharing what I know and have learned about each of these aspects in future posts, but for now, just take a sneak peek at some of the first finished artwork:

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