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All the Resolutions!

As you can probably tell from my internet absence, I've been very busy lately. But rest assured, the February update of Undersea Odyssey is set to release as planned. In fact, I made a test build just the other day on a brand new phone...and I got a nasty surprise.

My old phone had a ridiculous resolution: 2960x1440, which is 37x18. When I was first setting up UO, I set this as the maximum supported resolution, figuring that nothing would ever be wider than that (I also picked a "most square" resolution as the minimum, and everything in between was automatically correct). But when I was setting up my new phone and loaded the game there to make sure I could, I got a nasty surprise when I saw the infamous blue bars on each side of the screen. This new phone was even wider than the old one, and Unity's default background was being displayed outside of the game's bounds.

Rather than readjust every single background image or take even more drastic measures to fix the problem, I did something that I should have from the very beginning: I went into the inspector and set the main camera's background color to black. Now the bars on the sides of the game are nearly imperceptible. (You can mark them by the white lines in the top left image.) I created a really sophisticated system to support what I thought were all the possible resolutions, but with this simple fix, I can say that I now support all of them.

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