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Undersea Odyssey December Update Preview I

Undersea Odyssey was recently reviewed by Daikon Media, partners of partners MyHub and WordGrabber. If you needed any more persuasion to give the game a download, you can check it out here! I think it's a fair review; the main nitpick was that the motion controls can feel a bit slow to respond, which is definitely true: I was trying to give the feel of underwater movement and especially acceleration, but I realize that doing so isn't the norm for this type of game. And as for the idea about an "all-dark" level for the future...

All of my planned updates for UO will include two new levels and four new subs, so today I'm going to show you half of that content. If you choose "The Deep" level, the entire screen gets a dark overlay, enough to seriously obscure your visibility. But worry not, because your sub is automatically equipped with a searchlight, and a whole new set of upgrades are available to make it even more powerful. The obstacles in this level are a little less frequent than in the others, but since they include squid tentacles which can suddenly rise up in front of you at any time, they aren't any less dangerous!

Lastly for today, I've gotten some great feedback about my special subs modeled after creatures themselves, like the shark and orca whale. So this time around, I've included two more, including this guy, "Big Blue"!

Stay tuned for another art preview of the rest of the new content as we get closer to the December release, and don't forget that more details about The Golden Muffin and Monster Mansion Escape are coming soon too!

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