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Undersea Odyssey December Update Preview II

The December update is just days away! There are a few new features coming then that I can't wait for you guys to see, but you'll just have to wait for those because I'm keeping them a surprise. For today, here's what you can expect from the second of the two new levels, Hot Water:

Set in a cave made up of dark volcanic rock, the main new obstacles you'll need to watch out for are schools of piranha, spinning electric eels, and the active geysers that could erupt at any moment! Old favorites like the ceiling crabs make a reappearance here as well. Hot Water is an easy-medium difficulty level, and is a great alternative if you think The Deep is too intense.

The two new submarines for this level are the Moorish Idol pictured above and this beauty:

It's just another fun design to match the game's overall aesthetic.

The new update drops December 1, so make sure to check it out then!

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